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Glas Vapor

Founded in 2014 in sunny Los Angeles, Glas was born from a devotion to creating the finest products possible regardless of time, trouble or cost while deploying a new, unprecedented level of craftsmanship and technology. After over two years of research with a team of artisans contributing the finite details of Glas’ device and product, the Glas brand was finally born.

The company’s ethos is “perfect simplicity,” and it is easy to see why. With a flavor profile the likes of Glas e-Juice glazed, pound cake & milk, Glas’s flavors are decadent yet simplistic. Get a taste of all three of these flavors – plus three more – with Glas’s 75 ML E-Liquid Collection, or choose from the other flavors handpicked by Fire Vapor (Fizzy Lemonade, anyone?).

Glas’s mission is “to enhance people’s lives, self-esteem and confidence by creating highly innovative, top-quality products.” Choose a product from Glas today, and taste the TLC that is put into every drop of Glas e-juice.