More reviews for high heat 257+

High Heat 257+ continues to earn rave reviews from major media and golf instructors

"After hitting High Heat 257+ I said 'oh my G-d' with utter amazement. With its 3- trampoline technology amateurs will get increased distance on toe and heel hits with the feel of a center hit and more confidence, which is why High Heat continues to be the leading brand in properly addressing the hitting needs of the amateur golfer."

Tony Leodora, Traveling Golfer

"No brand has offered a club with the trampoline effect higher in the large toe and heel areas than in the center of the face until now. The High Heat 257+ has achieved this with its novel Tri-Trampoline technology offering woods and hybrids that go virtually the same distance no matter where the ball strikes the clubface!"

Tim Branco,
Publisher Northeast GOLF Magazine

"Never heard of Knuth Golf and its High Heat 257+? It's your loss - in both distance and accuracy. These clubs take advantage of a little understood USGA Rule change that lets clubs be hotter toward the heel and toe, where most of us actually make contact. The results are impressive, with many golfers finding their mis hits going farther than their typical center strikes."

Jim Frank,
Robb Report Magazine

"With 257+ High Heat again beats the major brands to the punch. The new technology adds extra trampoline effect permitted by new USGA Rules with players obtaining 20 yards more on toe and heel hits."

Golf Central Magazine

"Hitting on the toe, heel, or center of the face of the High Heat 257+ driver felt great and the distance was same for every shot. You can't miss. Amazing."

Jason Krier, PGA Teaching Pro, PA

"I am amazed. When I hit 257+ on the toe the ball stayed the same trajectory and same line as center hit with no distance lost. It was incredible."

Mike Bailey, PGA Teaching Pro, VT

"When hitting High Heat's 257+ clubs, my distance is awesome and the same in the toe and heel as it is in the center of the face. Amazing."

Sue Kaffenburgh, New England PGA and Northeast LPGA Teacher of the Year

"With 257+ golfers confidence will go up because they will be able to hit on the toe or heel and still get the consistency of hitting it on the center of the face."

Kristopher Hertzsk, PGA teaching pro, TN

"High Heat 257+ is fantastic. My off center misses have been phenomenal. Hitting it has been inspirational. Great clubs you can't miss hit."

Allen Van Valkenburg, TX

"I hit towards the heel more often than I should, but on 10 hits on the heel with the new 257+ I actually gained yards from when I hit it on the center of the face."

Brad Franklin, CA

"I absolutely love my High Heat driver, fairway wood and hybrids. However, I tested the 257+ and noticed that no matter where I hit it, including the toe or heel I was getting the same distance so I will be ordering them."

Barbara Gutstadt, NC

"High Heat 257+ feels much better than the major brand driver that I used in last year's U.S. Mid-Amateur Championship and I prefer High Heat 257+ because its sweet spot is much larger."

Mike Mendez, CA

Additional Customer Reviews

For the past 3 years our driver and metal woods, with its award winning 25% deeper and 18% lower CG compared to the average of major brands, were named "best" by major media and provide extra distance and increased accuracy for more fairways and lower scores.

We offer our customer reviews on our initial High Heat to show you the performance you will obtain with High Heat 257+ along with the significant added distance on your toe and heel hits for even lower scores.

We guarantee it.

Driver Reviews

“The wow comes from the distance and ball flight. I was able to hit a very high long draw. The ball came off the face like a bullet. I hit several drives in the 265 range and was able to out drive my buddy who loves to put it past me. What an amazing club.”

— Ed Brzezowsk, PA

“Wow, the ball jumps off the face.” Wow. Extra yards all day long.”

— Tony Monagas, WA

“High Heat is the best driver I have ever hit. The ball goes straighter and longer and increased my enjoyment of the game.”

— Admiral Bud Edney (Former Supreme Allied Commander of NATO) CA

“I consider High Heat to be best driver I have ever owned. Over time, I have owned every popular name brand driver searching for the “right one” and they just don’t measure up.”

— Don Smiley, WI

“The High Heat out shines my major brand clubs by a long shot. I used the High Heat driver for 3 months and my index drop from a 14.8 to a 10. Then with the 3 wood I placed 2nd in Pro Am and for first time ever shot in the 70's 3 times in a row. Then I added the 3 hybrid and my index is down to 5.5.”

— Eric Orman, IN

“As a 60–year–old physician I found I was losing distance off the tee despite trying all major brands and shafts. High Heat has added yards and has also increased my accuracy. This driver is phenomenal.”

— Dr. Chris Williams, NY

“The club clearly hits longer and CONSISTENTLY straighter. The ball jumps off the face!”

— Tami Timperio, NC

“Love the look and feel. It performed as advertised. I hit 25 balls with the High Heat driver. 22 balls were straight, high and longer. The near 90% success rate was well in excess of the 40 to 50% success I have experienced with my other driver.”

— Paul Taylor, Canada

"I am 67 years old and I am currently a 16.5 index. I think the driver is absolutely terrific. I have added yards and my drives are straighter. For me, the driver is a real confidence booster. I think the driver is fantastic."

— David Jatlow, FL

"I am 72 years old. High Heat is spectacular: longer and always straight where I aimed it!! Handicap index dropped from 15.0 to 13.2 on 6/15, and from 13.2 to 11.8 on 7/1. Then I shot 74, my lowest in score in many years. I fully expect my index to drop another 1.5 strokes."

— Tom Starr, NC

"Can’t tell you how happy I am with my new high heat driver. I've never been a long hitter but what a nice change being able to go for the green in 2 on occasion. Best driver I've ever hit!"

— Ron Dann, Ontario Canada.

"WOW! Last year I purchased the High Heat Driver and 3 wood. I play at an Arthur Hills designed course, there is a par 4 with a 200 yard carry over a marsh that too often I was in even if I hit it well. With the High Heat driver, I don't even think about it because I will carry the Marsh by 30 – 40 yards. And the 3 wood just goes, it is straight and long. It is WOW"

— Ron Lock, WI

"The High Heat driver has turned my game around. I'm 71 years old and striking the ball better than I ever have in the past 45 years"

— Mike Southerland, MT

"Your driver is fantastic! It's so easy to hit and the increase in distance was an easy 20 yards for me. The only time I miss hit it was when I started to get cocky & tried to hit it hard; no need with this driver. I shot –2 for the nine holes, first time under par in my life. It's a different world when your second shot is an 8 or 9 iron instead of a 5 or 6! The guys asked if I used to play on the tour! I told them it was the driver"

— Scott Conover, FL

"High Heat is the first driver I've ever bought where I could see an immediate and significant improvement in distance, accuracy and roll. I like it so much that I ordered two more, one for my "travel bag" and another for my second home."

— Mitchell Kertzman, Montana

"Proof of High Heat's performance is my Index has dropped from 10.3 to 7.6 in two months."

— Mike Daugherty, Virginia

Fairway Reviews

“I’ve always had a mental block about hitting a 3 wood on the fairway, born from years of frustration of not getting a 3 wood off the ground, or hitting it straight. But not anymore. Wow! Your 3 wood is a rocketship! This baby goes right where you aim it, and gets there in light speed. It also allows me to get the distance I need on the second shot of a par 5 or long par 4, which I’ve never been able to do before. And off the tee on tight holes it is fantastic!!”

— Doug Jacobson WI

“I love the 3 wood. What a great club. I am hitting it about 240 yards, and straight with perfect loft and roll. It is the best 3 wood I have ever shot. No left pull like all the other 3 woods I have used. This club is pushing my high heat driver out as my favorite club.”

— Charles Mann. CA

“I absolutely love my new High Heat driver and metal woods. The High Heat 3 wood, in particular has been a "game changer." I am now reaching the longer par 4's in regulation which I could not do before and getting much closer to the par 5 greens in 2 shots. This in turn has allowed me to hit much shorter irons into the par 5's giving me better chances for birdies and reduced 3 putts! Here's the real testament though. My handicap index has dropped by 3.5 in the last 2 weeks alone and had 3 rounds that are my lowest scores in the past 5 years. I play on average of 4 rounds per week, so these numbers are no flukes.”

— David Quin, AZ

“You got a really winner here. First your 3 wood is the most accurate wood I have every hit. I just don’t miss the fairway. 2nd, it is so long, I have a GPS watch and I was 215–230 yards with no roll because of the rain. Are you kidding me. It’s too long. Oh well, long I can handle.”

— Joe Gavio, PA

“After 4 rounds & hitting hundreds of balls, I find the 3 wood all that you say it is and exactly as I hoped it would. I have hit it further than my driver on occasions depending on lie & course conditions.”

— Bradford Bounds, Il

“Just wanted to inform you. Used my new 3 wood three times and now am dialed in. WOW! I'm getting 220 from it consistently (25 yard increase over my old three wood). And I can have full confidence in it – unlike my old three wood. Really love this club. *** Just came home from the golf course– same great 3 wood results –––18th hole par 5...on in TWO ...birdie!! What a great finish to the day. What a great club! PS I took home the money today! (:”

— Harry Hunter CA

“Just wanted you to know that the 3 wood is the second best club l have ever put in my hands, only next to my High Heat driver. l am reaching all the par 5s in 2 now.”

— Burke Hammes, SC

“The High Heat 3 wood is the easiest and straightest club I had ever hit. It also added confidence for the rest of my game. It was a major reason I won my flight in the World Amateur Golfers Tour National Championship and was in a position to win the WAGT World Championship in South Africa but came in third 2 shots behind the winner, because of my putting. I now have the High Heat Driver and #3 hybrid in my bag and love them too.”

— Jim Smith, OH

"My index has dropped two points since my High Heat 3 wood joined my High Heat driver. Best combo since bacon and eggs."

— Roy Dohner, CA

"Without a doubt your 3 wood is by far the best 3 wood I've ever hit! Off the tee it is long, and the high penetrating ball flight is amazing. The real advantage though is hitting it off the fairway. I've never hit a 3 wood that got up into the air like your club and the distance is for me amazing. Without a doubt, it is the perfect club."

— Cliff Hamilton, AZ

"I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my new 3 wood!! Wow, what a difference it made. I have gained 15 to 20 more yards for me. I could even hit it from small rough areas. That is really a plus."

— Gretchen Olberding, NE

"I played first round of Georgia Senior tournament today. Hit the 3 wood twice on par 5 holes. Hit the green and held both shots from approximately 210 which is virtually impossible to do. . . My partner and I shot 17 under par by a record 9 strokes at the Super Senior division of the Society of Seniors annual national four ball championship. I had such great success because of my High Heat 3 wood that allowed me to hit the ball very high and long and hold the elevated bunkered and firm greens at least 15 times in three days. After two years I have yet to find its equal."

— Ronnie Tumlin, FL (winner of over 150 amateur tournaments)

"The three fairway is outstanding. Everything you said and way more. The ball just explodes off the club. Ball flight is high and long, leaves me smiling after each hit."

— Edwin Stewart, WA

"The 3–wood is better than advertised! It is as easy to hit from a turf tight lie as my 5 wood is, but with plenty of elevation and more distance. What an amazing club! With my High Heat 3 wood and Driver, my handicap has dropped from an 18 down to a 11! The game is so much more fun."

— Paul Radochia ME

"My " Big Brand Orientated " friends are astounded when I smash your 3 wood miles past theirs!! I am blown away by the amazing quality of your product and service!!"

— Stan Green, Australia

"I've played 9 rounds with your 3 wood, and over that time I've hit the highest and straightest off–the–deck 3 woods I've ever hit."

— Kent Osborne, FL

Hybrid Reviews

“I have dubbed my High Heat Hybrid “the magic club!” Hit it from 170 to 185 yards (and can hit it left, straight or right) – with controlled swings!! Since putting the Magic Club into action, I have busted my age EVERY outing! From 3 strokes under the first time out to 9 strokes under today! That’s six in a row! Gotta tell you, the High Heat Hybrid has been my best golf equipment purchase in some years!”

— Ted Raymond AZ

“I want to report that my 3 wood and 3hybrid have improved my game by 8 strokes.”

— Fr. Ed. Gallagher [82 years old]CA

“I have played roughly two months with my three new clubs and I have to say that my best expectations have been matched. I am longer and straighter will all of them and I just won an important amateur Italian tournament with a personal low official score of 78 strokes gross (44 stableford). The real pearl of the three for me is the 3 hybrid. I love it, highly forgiving and easy to play even from difficult lies, the ball fly is always long and high. It's great also around the green.”

— Gabriele Serra – Italy

“My High Heat driver, 3 wood and 3 hybrid are my favorite clubs and the 3 hybrid is my go to club. I love love love them!!!”

— Barbara Gutstadt, FL

“Played today – love the clubs!! Hit the driver great, most forgiving ever! Love the #3 Hybrid. Easier to hit and ball contact feels great. I am getting about 10 to 15 yards more distance. I will be hitting the driver on most holes, and using the 3 Hybrid on short par 4s.”

— Ken Wonstolen CO

“Your three hybrid is the best club I have ever had in my 50 years of golf.”

— James Gannon WI

“My experience is that the High Heat Hybrid OUTPERFORMS your expectations. I mean I hit it further than my fairway metal, 3 or 5. I have added 20 yards STRAIGHT on my usual hybrid distance. I have had the “enviable” experience of using the hybrid on a 190–yard approach and flying the green. “OK OK” I say, NOW I know…but the next time I don’t trust it…and same result. Anyway…. The Hybrid has paid for itself with the money I have won !!!!!”

— John Bepko, CA

"I am playing the best golf of my life with your hybrid."

— Danny Haverman, FL

"Love the #3 Hybrid. Easier to hit and ball contact feels great. I am getting about 10 to 15 yards more distance."

— Adrian Douglas, CA

"I own the driver, 3 and 5 fairway metals coupled with the 3H, 4H and 5H hybrids. I am completely blown away as to how easy these are to hit. I can't say enough about the Driver, 3 wood combo...longer straighter and higher than any of the other 5 sets of woods I own (many are brand names). BTW, loving the 3H; I'm hitting the green in two with my driver and 3H for par on our #10 par 4 hole, it’s the #1 handicap hole. This hole drove me nuts for nearly a year and a half but doesn't any more. Love the 4H and 5H too."

— Nick Burke, VA

"Wow! The 3 hybrid goes as long as my 5–wood. Really like the feel. It is great."

— Jerry Roberts, NV

"The 3 hybrid has a hot face and is excellent out of the rough. I have hit some of my best shots of the year with it with improved distance. Thankfully the 'hitting it correctly' seems to be easier than with other clubs."

— Gregori Pasqua, NY

"I just wanted to let you know that my husband and our best golfing friends all LOVE your clubs. Yesterday I won low net in a tournament and owe it all to my High Heat 3 wood and 3 hybrid. My 3 hybrid, which is my favorite club, made it so easy to get it out of the rough and hit it far. I am consistently hitting the 3 hybrid 150 to 155 yards STRAIGHT which has been helping me to get on the green in regulation, and my handicap has already dropped and is dropping more. I also just got your 4 and 5 hybrid and love them too."

— Ellen McCann, NJ

"I have hit my new 5 Hybrid for the past few days. Suffice to say that I love it, love it, love it. Can't believe how well I am hitting it right out of the box!"

— John Harris, FL

"Received my hybrids, and have found them to be terrific. Unlike many products, High Heat delivers and exceeds the promises made."

— Jerry Witek, Il

"I have now used my High Heat driver, 3 wood and the hybrid 3 for about 110 nine hole rounds. I had to get used to the ball going where I aimed it and I can't believe the extra distances I been able to achieve. Just absolutely awesome. With your clubs I am now often reaching greens in regulation and have definitely increased my enjoyment of the game."

— Donald Sturm WI

We believe in our clubs so much, we offer a no questions asked, 30-day money back gurantee.

Each club is equipped with a premium shaft from Aldila or Fujikura. Conforms to USGA and R&A Rules.