3-Trampoline Technology

Two years ago, for the first time the USGA permitted a conforming golf face to have a much higher "trampoline" effect (CT) in the large toe and heel areas up to 275 CT compared to 257 CT in the center of the face which the USGA called the "Impact Area.”

This significant increase in the "trampoline" effect in the large toe and heel areas cannot be overstated for amateur golfers, because it is well known that most amateurs hit their driver and metal woods on the toe and heel about 50% of the time. The result is that amateurs lose 20+ yards on the driver and often fall short of the green on their approach shots with their metal wood toe and heel hits.

However, High Heat’s 257+ line of metalwoods significantly increases the trampoline effect over toe and heel areas, which produces such a positive result for amateur golfers that their “average” driving distance becomes close to their “best” driving distance which was seemingly impossible to implement.

Why? Because, as a matter of physics, golf faces perform like a trampoline - with the highest spring-like effect and longest distance always occurring on or near the middle of the face, and the least amount of distance occurring in toe and heel areas of the face.

High Heat’s 257+ 3-Trampoline Technology is revolutionary and accomplishes the seemingly impossible.

"High Heat driver changes the distance game.

Its unique construction puts big distance
all over the club face."

- Golf Tips Magazine

High Heat 257+ 3-trampoline technology will increase your driving and metal woods distance by 20-30 yards.

"On average amateurs hit their driver and metal woods on the toe or heel approximately 50% of the time. That is why High Heat 257+ 3-trampoline technology that provides a CT much higher in the toe and heel areas than the center of the face for the same distance as center hits is a significant game changer for amateur golfers."

Kay McMahon, LPGA Hall of Fame Teacher, Golf Digest's 50 Best Women Teachers in America

"Most amateurs consistently hit in the toe and heel areas where the CT has been consistently low and lose 20-30 yards. But not with High Heat 257+.

With the High Heat 257+ driver, my strikes on the heel and toe that were once disappointing are now exhilarating.

So what should amateurs do? Buy High Heat 257+."

Vic Williams, Editor of Golf Tips

"My biggest discovery at the PGA Show was High Heat 257+ with its dazzling novel 3 trampoline technology that has more ball speed in the toe and heel areas than the sweet spot in the center of the face as permitted by the USGA 2016 CT Rule.

The ball comes off so hot no matter where you hit it. It feels like hitting a home run anywhere I hit it on the face."

Gary Van Sickle, Morning Read

Dean Knuth Named "Top Innovator of Golf Clubs"

Dean Knuth, nicknamed the “Pope of Slope” for inventing the United States Golf Association’s Course Rating and Slope Systems, designed High Heat specifically for amateur golfers to optimize their much lower swing speeds and performance needs than Tour pros.
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For inventing the USGA Course Rating and Slope Systems, Dean was one of eight persons named by Golf Digest as inventing the "eight most important technologies" in the last 50 years.

Dean was awarded the "Top Innovator of Golf Clubs" in the industry by Golf, Inc. Magazine for his unique Optimal Center of Gravity ("CG") Technology with a CG that was 25% deeper and below the center of the face and 18% below the major brands' average CG location.

"I guarantee High Heat's 3-Trampoline and Optimal CG Game Changer Technologies will lower your scores."

Dean L. Knuth

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